The gamelib project


Gamelib is an attempt to provide a basic framework for game development in Common Lisp. The initial aim is to get libraries ready for 2D games with a tile-based background and a 3D library for wire-frame display.

The early stages of the library will, essentially, be the extraction of "display and animation" code from two pre-existing games (Gatlopp and Pantzer), to make an initial release of gamelib fairly rapidly.


Gamelib is released under an MIT license


Gamelib has documentation available (the same HTML should also be in the packages, starting from 0.2).

Mailing Lists


There is now a version 0.4 available.

All project files will be signed by a GPG key with the fingerprint 7C09 61CE DBF2 AED4 3E7B 7938 6C48 628F 2267 F3B8.

The files will be found and (to the extent the owners of are OK with the space usage) archived in

From now on, a document detailing per-version changes will be available.


You can browse our CVS repository or download the current development tree via anonymous cvs, as described here(the module-of-interest is named source).


There is no Trac instance set up, yet, but the intention is to have one set up shortly, to facilitate bug tracking.

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